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Friday, November 9, 7:30pm


The Words Matter (20 minutes)

When Michael Chanak took a job at Procter & Gamble in the mid-1980s, the AIDS epidemic was rampant. The company had found a niche with Peridex—a prescription mouthwash used to treat thrush in people suffering from HIV/AIDS. But despite selling to the LGBT community, P&G had no language protecting these individuals within the company. Chanak, who’d become a vocal gay rights activist, wanted to change that. With years of work and help from a small but determined group of colleagues, in 1992, P&G became one of the first Fortune 500 companies to add sexual orientation to its equal employment opportunity (EEO) statement of diversity. Twenty-five years later, that legacy lives on. This is the story of one man’s efforts to hold a corporation responsible and ultimately improve the lives of LGBT workers across the country.


THE LONG ROAD TO FREEDOM: The Advocate Celebrates 50 Years (1:50:00)

Narrated by Laverne Cox with music by Melissa Etheridge, this moving documentary focuses on major events and watershed moments in LGBTQ history through never-before-seen archival footage and engaging interviews (Ricky Martin, Darryl Stephens, John Waters, Gloria Allred, Gavin Newsom, Dustin Lance Black, Margaret Cho, Robbie Rogers, and many more).

Starting with the Black Cat, the film covers Stonewall, the 70s and the disco sexual revolution that continued from the late 60s, the AIDS crisis, marriage equality, and the trans movement to present day. We've come a long way, but we've still got a long way to go.



 Saturday, November 10, 12:30pm

Expectations (11:53)

Engaged lesbian couple, Christina and Jamie, visit Christina's parents, Sarah and David, to talk about their possible involvement in Christina's upcoming wedding.

Heather Has Four Moms (14:08)

When Heather decides to lose her virginity for her 15th birthday, Mom’s wife must convince Mom, and Mom’s ex, and Mom’s ex’s partner that it’s time for Heather to have “the talk”. Which mom is ready to help Heather make a big decision? It’s a mother-daughter story. Times four.

Bag (3:43)

Paolo, an openly gay young professional, is quite unlucky when it comes to finding romantic and lasting relationships. His college buddy Carlo comforts him every time he goes through a breakup. Will their friendship eventually lead to something else?

Scary Lucy Film (19:53)

After seeing a hideous statue dedicated to her comedic idol, Lucille Ball, a risk averse comedienne battling a recent breast cancer diagnosis makes it her mission to destroy Scary Lucy. 

Silver Light (5:23)

A man returns to his hometown for the funeral of his male high school sweetheart, and has to confront the family that didn’t know their secret as well as his own feelings of loss and regret.

400 Questions (7:15)

Two British Home Office staff interrogate an asylum seeker in a culturally insensitive way. Her lawyer intervenes and puts the case for her client. The case is then considered and the Home Office staff reach a verdict.

Getting Started (21:50)

After meeting online, Tori and Joy finally have their first date. Chemistry ensues immediately, but will their mutual attraction be enough to overcome some of the challenges presented?

Unicorn (12:43)

A single father deals with the balance of raising his daughter and navigating his newly out gay dating life.

Seeing Glory (14:18)

Gloria prepares a feast of the senses for the rapidly ailing Eva in an attempt to share a perfect evening and be seen for the woman she truly is. Writer-director Rick Hamilton's newest film is a bittersweet story of fine wine, dementia and the immortal words of Virginia Woolf. 



 Saturday, November 10, 2:45pm

Trans Youth (1:24:05)

This feature length documentary trails a handful of young trans Austinites as they forge and fortify their adult identities. In an early scene, Elliot, a youth with choppy green hair, recounts how their father says trans people are ‘destroying the fabric of America.’ In the next scene, holding their phone in a shaking hand, they tell their mother, their father’s voice in the background, that they’re transgender.

Leelah's Highway (24:06)

Filmed over two years in Kings Mills and Cincinnati, Ohio, and Washington, DC, Leelah’s Highway includes interviews with Leelah‘s best friend Abby Davis, the organizer of the highway memorial in her honour Chris Fortin, trans counsellor Jonah Yokoyama, Bobbie Jo Justice of the Trans Life Line, Cincinnati Councilor Chris Seelbach and Leelah’s next door neighbours, the Davis family. As a result of Leelah’s Law, conversion therapy has been banned in twelve U.S. states.

Saturday, November 10, 5:10pm

Mater (1:20:00)

A man in his thirties who doesn’t know what he wants to do in life is raped at home by a lesbian couple who desperately wants to have a child. However, their lives were already intertwined long before the violent event.

CAS (48:02)

In the comedy-drama Cas, Pepijn and Sjors’ steady, seven-year relationship is shaken up after they allow a young student named Cas to sleep on their couch until he finds a place of his own. Gradually, both men fall head over heels for Cas’ laconic charm and it forces them to reconsider their many long-term plans. Is Cas’ presence endangering their relationship or is he actually a blessing in disguise?


Saturday, November 10, 7:30pm 


The Quit (28:12)

Roger’s smoking habit has bugged his partner Sam for years. When Roger finally decides to quit, Sam is thrilled to support him, and engages in a campaign for a cure. After the campaign fails, Sam is bitterly devastated, but then sees a dangerous new idea that may save his life even though it might cost them their relationship.

You Should Meet My Son 2! (1:15:00)

A screwball comedy about a fundamentalist mom who is determined to stop her gay son's wedding. But her plans go awry when she forms an unlikely friendship with his fiancé. The first film in the series won "Best Picture" at nine film festivals, as well as awards for "Best Screenplay", "Best Director", and several "Best Actor" awards for members of the cast.


Sunday, November 11, 2:00pm

Sunken Plum (19:57)

A transgender Chinese woman receives news of her mother's death. As the only "son", she feels obligated to return to her birthplace in the mountains, even though she'll have to hide her true self from family and friends.

TransGeek (1:22:00)

TransGeek Movie brings together the stories of transgender people working in the tech industry and existing within geek culture. These are the stories of people that risked their careers and their lives to be their authentic selves. These are the stories of people that persevere in an industry that undervalues women, LGBT folk, and people of color; to pursue their passions. 


Sunday, November 11, 4:00pm 

Sisak (15:00)

A first-of-its-kind silent LGBTQ film in India, Sisak makes waves before the visuals of this short hit the shore. Set in the fast-paced environs of the usually bustling Mumbai local train system, it details a romance that develops slowly and intoxicatingly, nestled in the silences and quiet comforts of the end-of-day train journeys.

Evening Shadows (1:42:00)

While gay rights and marriage equality has been embraced by most countries, a small town in Southern India lives within a cocoon of traditions and social morality. In such a milieu when a young gay man Kartik, comes out to his mother Vasudha, her entire world comes crashing down. She has no one to turn to dispel her fears and doubts, to understand her loving son’s truth.


Sunday, November 11, 7:00pm 

Double Date (25:00)

Double Date is a short drama detailing the complexities and dualities of bisexuality while also a being a story about relationships in general.

Golden Boy (1:45:00)

The story of James, a young man who gambles on the dangers of being seen versus the quiet life of desperation and invisibility. Saved from doomed nonexistence by CQ, a wealthy debonair business man with more going on than meets the eye, and introduced to a world he is not ready to navigate. We follow him as he chases his dreams -- while losing himself, one piece at at time. GOLDEN BOY is a story with universal themes. Trust. Seduction. Betrayal. Redemption.



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The $50 weekend pass for All Eight Time Blocks can only be purchased via phone or outreelscincy.org 

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