November 4, 5, 6
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Friday, November 4
7:00 PM  Art and Pep (88 minutes)

United States        Director Mercedes Kane
Art Johnston and Pepe Peña are civil rights leaders whose life and love is a force behind LGBTQ+ equality in the heart of the country. Their iconic gay bar, Sidetracks in Chicago, has helped fuel movements and create community for decades in Chicago’s queer neighborhood.

*Scheduled to Attend: Mercedes Kane, Art Johnston and Pepe Peña Also: Nigel Cotterill and Juan-Carlos Diaz, former owner of Below Zero Lounge and the Cabaret. They will be honored - for their community work - before the screening and a reception will follow the screening.



Saturday, November 5
2:30 PM  Everything Under the Rainbow Shorts Program

 All The Awards I Never Gave You (17 minutes)
   Brazil Director        Caio Scot
   In the bathroom at an awards ceremony, an unexpected encounter between two young actors brings up unresolved feelings and a love story that may not have come to an end yet.

   The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night (11 minutes)
   United States       Director Fawzia Mirza
   All cards are on the table when a queer, Muslim, South Asian American woman introduces her Latinx partner for the first time at a family game night

   Brutal (13 minutes)
   United States       Director Sam McConnell
   Jack Roth (Cheyenne Jackson), once the hottest star of cable news, stumbles upon a "newsworthy sex scandal" and ends up facing off against all sides, including the corporation he works for.

   Better at Texting (11 minutes)
   Canada Director       Mary Galloway
   Trinity: a radical, Indigenous, feminist, and Addison: a devout, Black, Mormon are forced to work together on a school project. They soon discover they have more in common than either cares to admit.

   Too Rough (15 minutes)
   United Kingdom Director        Sean Lionadh
   After a night of intoxication, a hungover and hysterical Nick wakes up next to his boyfriend Charlie and must conceal him from his own homophobic and dysfunctional family.

   Do I Know You From Someone? (11 minutes)
   United Kingdom       Director Gwen Rathbone
   Jessica, a trans woman living in Brighton, is set up on a blind date by her best friend. A wrench is thrown in her plans when she realizes that her date, a woman named Avery, is actually
   someone she used to go to school with before she transitioned.

   Bi The Way (15 minutes)
   Germany Director       Amir Ovadia Steklov
   A short, funny, and intimate animated film about Amir's life-journey as a bisexual cis man. The film portrays Amir's story from early childhood until today, his struggle to fit in a binary culture,
   and why he feels invisible in the LGBTQ+ community.

   From X to Z (11 minutes)
   United States Director       Florencia Manóvil
   A cranky Gen X butch is forced to spend time with a disaffected Zennial who seems to represent everything that bugs her about "kids today”.



Saturday, November 5
5:00 PM    This is Jessica  (81minutes)

United States Director       Andrea Meyerson
From her earliest years, when Jessica Bair was being raised as a boy named Jonathan, she knew she was a girl. But born into the Mormon church, she also knew that saying so out loud could cause her to lose everything. This is the story of a woman faced with an impossible choice between the life into which she was born, and the one she was born to live.



Saturday, November 5
7:30 PM    Ezra  (8 minutes)

United States Director        Joshua Hernandez
A chronically ill dancer finds tranquility in nature while on a camping trip with their boyfriend.

The Phantom of The Sauna   (92 minutes)

Spain Director        Luis Navarrete
Javi, a young rent boy living in Madrid, comes to a sauna club looking for job in this Spanish musical. But he'll find out soon that the place is full of secrets, the biggest of them a strange man that will fall in love with him, the Phantom of the Sauna!


Sunday, November 6
2:30 PM    Hidden    (10 minutes)

United States Director        Mathilde Suissa
Maureen comes home to hear suspicious noises coming from her step-daughter’s bedroom. Busting in, Maureen catches Penelope, her stepdaughter, suspecting she was with a boy. Who emerges from hiding is not who Maureen expected, and causes a swift change in their relationships.

The Butterfly Queen      (77 minutes)

United States Director        Liam O’Connor-Genereaux
Casey (a sheep farmer/cartoonist) and Robin ( a vagabond) are lost in a magical forest, struggling to find Casey’s sketchbook so they can get back home. Unfortunately, The Butterfly Queen wants the sketchbook and she makes the rules. 

*Scheduled to attend: Liam O’Connor -Genereaux and Art Director Seana Testa


Sunday, November 6
5:00 PM   Meet Natasha     (15 minutes)

United States Director         Antonio Oliver’s-Nikol
A man hires an actress to play his girlfriend during a family dinner, but his plans go awry when she decides to go off-script

*Scheduled to attend: Antonio Oliveros -Nikol (Director) and Ian Oliveros -Nikol (Producer)

All Kinds of Love    (75 minutes)

United States Director           David Lewis
All Kinds of Love is a feel-good romantic comedy that celebrates the endless possibilities of queer love, whether it involves an intergenerational romance, a middle-aged interracial throuple or an artistic trans man looking for love in all the wrong places.