Class Schedule

ANNOUNCING… the CYPT Conservatory!
Advanced Out-of-School Musical Theater Training at the Madcap Education Center

Cincinnati Landmark Productions has long considered ways to make the teen-focused Cincinnati Young People's Theatre experience more complete and year-round. Specifically, we believe we are uniquely qualified to offer advanced musical theater training to teens and pre-teens on the west side (and beyond). And with our Madcap Education Center now open, we have the perfect "headquarters" to adequately teach classes in acting, music/singing and dance.

We’ll offer three levels of courses that students would advance through. Students could solely focus on one discipline (dance, acting, singing) or could enroll in the full curriculum and advance their skills in the entire musical theater craft. Each course would last 7 weeks, and meet once a week for an hour or 90 minutes.

In addition there would be "electives" and workshops for specialty skills, and advanced training for adults.