Cast & Crew List

CYPT 2021


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Cast/Crew Information


Congratulations!!! You have been cast in Cincinnati Young People Theater’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! Please find your name on the CAST LIST below. *Please note that the Cast List will be posted online at by 4:00 pm, Friday, May 7th.


Please ACCEPT OR DECLINE the role that has been assigned to you no later than Sunday, May 9th by 3pm. It is always appreciated if you can accept or decline your role as soon as possible, but it cannot be any later than 3pm on Sunday, May 9thYou must Accept OR Decline


Communication - Please Reply to this message by emailing Jennifer Perrino. Many, many hours have been spent casting this show and making some very hard decisions so please don’t leave us guessing. Be a pro and email Jennifer Perrino to accept or decline your role in this summer’s production.


Jennifer’s email:          Jennifer’s cell:  513-218-8003


*Please note:  When you email to accept or decline, please provide your name in the message (please don’t make us work to figure out who you are based on email and/or phone numbers).


Conflicts - At auditions, we asked you to provide us with your conflict information, please take a moment and triple check any conflicts you have with the dates below and make sure you have no further conflicts. If you have too many additional conflicts that were not disclosed at auditions, please know that these additional conflicts can affect your role assignment in the show or you could potentially be dropped from the production. Please check your summer schedule again and be sure we know all of your conflicts. 


The Cast List & Rehearsal Schedule - A specific rehearsal schedule will be sent to you via email by Friday, May 21st AND a copy will be given to you at the 1st rehearsal. The cast list represents roles and specific choruses, but this is a huge Ensemble show! It is impossible to list all the things that each individual will get to be a part of in this Production. If you’ve been cast, trust that it is because you are incredibly talented and that you’ll be given a lot to do!!


Please note the following important dates:


·         TICKETS on sale on June 1st.  Call the Box Office 513-241-6550, 11am - 5pm, Monday through Friday.


·         First week of rehearsal (Date TBD) we will choose the CYPT TEEN BOARD. If you wish to help make the summer a great one for everyone in CYPT, please prepare a short speech/presentation telling your fellow cast/crew mates WHY you’d make a great member of the TEEN BOARD in 2021.


·         1st Rehearsal and Information Session:  TUESDAY, June 1 @ 6:30pm at the Covedale Theatre.  We will start with all the information you could need, then move into music.  Cast, Crew, Parents/Guardians should attend this information session.  This is the only rehearsal parents/guardians may attend.


Congratulations and see you all soon!


General rehearsal dates – Sunday rehearsals start at 6pm.  Weekdays start at 6:30 pm.










7/18 - Tech









7/19 - Tech           









7/20 – Final Dress




















*Please note:  Additional dance rehearsals may be arranged with principals, dance chorus, and Dance Captains. Additional rehearsals may be arranged over the summer as needed with either segments of the cast or full cast when needed on a limited basis. Rehearsals will be spaced out around The Covedale Center for the Performing Arts in order to socially distance.


Show Dates:


Thurs. July 22                 Thurs. July 29                   Thurs. Aug. 5

Fri. July 23                      Fri. July 30                        Fri. Aug. 6

Sat. July 24                     Sat. July 31                      Sat. Aug. 7

Sun. July 25                    Sun. Aug. 1                      Sun. Aug. 8


Show Times are Wed. and Thurs @7:30 pm, Fri. and Sat. @8:00 pm and Sunday @2:00 pm. Call time for cast is 90 minutes to 2 hours before curtain depending on performance. 

All Rehearsals and Performances will be held at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts, 4990 Glenway Avenue, 45238.



Sat. 6/5  – Car wash fundraiser at Covedale.  10am to 3pm

Saturdays Set, Costumes, Prop work for Techies and Cast Volunteer hours: 6/5, 6/12, 6/19,6/26 10 am – 1 pm

Saturday 7/10 – Theatre and backstage prep for cast move in - 10am to 1pm

Strike/pizza party/watch your performance on DVD:  Monday evening August 2nd @ 6:30pm – 10:30pm



CYPT 2021 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: Cast in Alphabetical Order.

Chorus A  =  Old Testament Types, Ishmaelites, Prisoners, Jacob Wives

Chorus B  =  E-Girls Dance Ensemble


Bass, Reagen

Jacob's Wives, Prisoners

Becker, Madison

Asher: Brother

Blanchet, Fiona


Boyd, Elena

Isaachar: Brother

Boyd Katie

Napthali:  Brother

Boyd, Savannah


Bruggerman, Jack

Prisoners, Ishmaelites, Old Testament

Clark, Ella

Prisoners, Old Testament

Childress, Kailani

E- Girl Dance Ensemble

Cook, Elijah

Prisoners, Ishmaelites, Old Testament

Craven, Sylas

Reuben: Brother

Curtin, Conner

Prisoners, Ishmaelites, Old Testament

Darnell, Jordan

Prisoners, Jacob’s Wives, Old Testament

Darnell,  Nora

E- Girl Dance Ensemble

Darnell, Ruthie

Benjamin: Brother

Dastillung, Jack


Dirr, Abby

Judah: Brother

Evans, Andrew

Baker, Prisoners, Ishmaelites, Old Testament

Evans, Katelyn

Prisoner, Ishmaelites, Old Testament

Even, Kelly

Jacob's Wives, Prisoners

Fernando, Dinithi

Jacob’s Wives, Prisoners

Geist, Michael

Prisoners, Ishmaelites, Old Testament

Graff, Clare

E- Girl Dance Ensemble

Hanks, Henry

Prisoners, Ishmaelites, Old Testament

Hensler, Tommy

Levi: Brother

Hillgrove, Natalie

E- Girl Dance Ensemble

Jenkins, Leo

Prisoners, Ishmaelites, Old Testament

Johnson, Alyssa

Simeon: Brother

Kelm, Andrew

Zebulum: Brother

Kirk, Alex

Mrs. Potiphar, E-Girl Dance Ensemble

Landers, Paige

Gad: Brother

Lewis, Ali

Jacob's Wives, Prisoners

Neiderhausen, Reagan

Prisoners, Old Testament

Rapien, Aiden

Prisoners, Ishmaelites, Old Testament

Rapien, Alena

Prisoners,  Old Testament

Reilmann, Justin

Jacob, Prisoners

Rohr, Nick

Potiphar (Chorus A in other songs)

Schuler, Abbie

E-Girl Dance Ensemble

Sweeney, Liam

Pharoah, (Chorus A in Act One)

Swisshelm, Jamie

Butler, Prisoners, Old Testament

Treinen, Jenna


Wolking, Mitchell

Dan: Brother


Chorus A  =  Old Testament Types, Ishmaelites, Prisoners, Jacob Wives

Chorus B  =  E-Girls Dance Ensemble



CREW  (Note:  All crew members should attend 1st rehearsal)


Grogan, Trish

Asst. Tech Director/Light Board Operator

Nick Kramer

Backstage Crew

Hedgespeth, Alexia

Follow Spot Operator/Set Crew

Kelm, Evan

Follow Spot Operator/Set Crew